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Please feel free to get in touch if you need more information about our products and services. Regional service directors will provide insight into our offerings in a particular part of the world.

david_arthur_96_96_90_c1_c_c Managing Director
David Arthurs
Ed Kennedy Director, Business Development
Ed Kennedy
chavey Manager, Communications
Christine Havey
helge_tangen_150_150_90_c1_c_c Director, European Services
Helge Tangen
thomas_puestow_150_150_90_c1_c_c Director, North American Services
Thomas Puestow
andrew_fleming_96_96_90_c1_c_c Director, Antarctic Services
Andrew Fleming
florian Director, Snow Services
Florian Appel

Polar View Offices

We have several offices established worldwide. Feel free to contact them if you would like an in person meeting.

Phone: +44 1865 981320

UK Office

German Office

Canadian Office

Mailing Address

Polar View Earth Observation Limited
Electron Building, Fermi Avenue
Harwell Oxford, Didcot
Oxfordshire OX11 0QR
United Kingdom