Community Ice Service

The Polar View Community Ice Service combines technology, including satellite data, with local knowledge to create ice information that is useful to northern communities.

The website and an Android phone app can be accessed here.



The service has been developed with the assistance of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service and the Canadian Space Agency.

Selfie Challenge

Polar View Selfie (Photo) Challenge; this is a unique opportunity to share your enthusiasm for Polar View and help bring together our team members from across Europe and North America to celebrate and recognize Polar View’s 10th anniversary….start snapping!

1. Take a selfie displaying the Polar View 10th Anniversary flag in a far-flung location with ice and snow, the more exotic the location (top of Everest wins the prize) and the more innovative/humorous the pose the better; (include a polar bear or two if you like!).
2. Post your photo on the blog at, once posted, tag another team member to enter the challenge. Alternatively email your photo to
3. Challenge categories include: most humorous, most exotic location, most beautiful,
4. Challenge runs until the end of our 10th Anniversary; that being to June 30, 2016.
5. Winners will be announced late summer 2016.