Polar View Antarctic Node launches new website and enhanced ice service for 2010 season

February 8, 2010

Polar View sea ice service in the Antarctic, coordinated by the British Antarctic Survey, has greatly improved the service for the 2009/2010 Antarctic season.

A combination of easier access through the new website and a significant increase in the number of images available means more real time sea ice information for users ranging from science vessels and tour ships to rescue missions.

The new website now provides an interactive map displaying the latest imagery and sea ice information. Simple tools allow users to zoom into their area of interest and see recent cloud-free satellite imagery from the European Space Agency. In combination with other information provided by partners in Denmark and Germany, anyone can access an up-to-date picture of current sea ice conditions, even on ships with limited internet access.

The launch of this enhanced website was highlighted in an article in the European Science Foundation Newsletter (March 2010). The article noted that the range of users that access this Polar View service continues to expand, encompassing everyone from science vessels to tour ships to those co-ordinating rescue efforts. It also indicated that users will benefit from easier access and more regularly updated sea ice information than was previously available, all of which will make for a more comprehensive sea ice service for the Antarctic region.

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