Green Transition Information Factory


The ESA Green Transition Information Factory (GTIF) allows users to interactively discover the underlying opportunities and complexities of transitioning to carbon neutrality by 2050 using the power of Earth Observation, cloud-computing and cutting edge analytics.

As part of the GTIF Kickstarters, Polar View, in collaboration with EOX, the National Research Council of Canada, and the Danish Meteorological Institute, has been selected to build a GTIF that addresses the green transition for the blue economy.  The name ‘Cerulean’ refers to the blue-green colour and reflects the need for connecting the Blue and Green Economies in order to have a successful Green Transition.  The focus of the project will be on the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans between Canada and Europe that covers an area of over 11 million square kilometers.  The four priority domains (and illustrative ocean subdomains) are:

  • Renewable Energy:
    • Offshore Wind,
    • Offshore Solar,
    • Tides,
    • Currents, and
    • Waves.
  • Mobility:
    • Shipping
  • Carbon Accounting:
    • Ocean Carbon Sequestration,
    • Offshore platform emissions, and
    • Shipping emissions
  • Food Systems:
    • Fishing and
    • Aquaculture
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