Polar View is a key part of Canadian Province’s cutting edge water resources management tool

January 10, 2010

In a recent press release, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador boasted of the high level of expertise the province had in dealing with water management issues and the innovative technologies it had available to do so, and Polar View was mentioned as a key contributor to attaining this achievement.

Innovative technologies at the province’s disposal include the satellite services Polar View provides the province under the Badger River Ice Service. The service was set up in 2003 as a collaboration between the province and Canadian Polar View member C-CORE.

It uses satellite imagery to monitor river ice for potential ice jam flooding along the Exploits River for residents of the small town of Badger, which is located downstream from potential areas where jams occur and is susceptible to highly damaging flooding.

The press release mentions that “the flood monitoring service represents a major improvement in the flood forecasting capability for the residents of Badger, as the satellite imagery improves prediction of the timing of any impending floods.” It also states that the service “has drawn international attention and is now used in several countries, including Russia where it is used on the Siberian Rivers – the Lena and the Yenissei.”

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