Data Platforms

Polar View provides a number of data platforms to provide information to various user communities:

Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform (Polar TEP)

The Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform (Polar TEP) provides a complete working environment where users can access algorithms and data remotely, obtain computing resources and tools that they might not otherwise have, and avoid the need to download and manage large volumes of data. This new approach removes the need to transfer large Earth Observation data sets around the world, while increasing the analytical power available to researchers and operational service providers.

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Polar View delivers information about sea ice and icebergs to ships operating in the Northern and Southern Oceans. We use several types of satellite imagery to deliver a comprehensive, detailed and up to date picture of sea ice extent and distribution. Available information includes:

  • SAR imagery
  • Sea ice concentration
  • Ice charts
  • IMO Polar Code Polaris
  • MODIS Mosaics
  • Sentinel 3 Mosaics
  • CMEMS Sea Ice Edges
  • Icebergs
  • S1 Future Acquisitions

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Polar View works with Drift+Noise to develop the IcySea app. IcySea provides near real time sea ice information for activities in the polar regions, reducing cost and risk, in a Polar Code compliant way. It is the sea ice service of choice of commercial companies (fishing, shipping, expedition cruise, offshore infrastructure, etc.), academia and research, and public sector clients. The map-based application offers time tested tooling for strategic planning, risk assessment and monitoring, operational and navigational support and decision-making. It covers both the Arctic and Antarctic regions and is optimized for low-bandwidth connections.

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