Fisheries vessels in both Polar Regions frequently operate near the edge of the sea ice or within the sea ice. Most vessels are not ice strengthened and are often small and operate remote from land and other ships. The current Olympic quota system promotes a race to fish where each company tries to catch as much as possible within pre-defined total quotas and periods for the industry as a whole. Fishing companies can be more competitive by having access to sea ice information which allows them to move within the fishing areas faster than their competitors.

Off coastal Greenland

Polar View provides an integrated information service that helps fisheries operators achieve a competitive advantage by quickly and safely navigating through ice-infested waters to the prime fishing areas. We deliver directly to the ship’s bridge information products that can include any combination of the following data layers:

  • Sea Ice Forecasts
  • Sea Ice Types
  • Sea Ice Concentration
  • Sea Ice Thickness
  • Sea Ice Pressure
  • Sea Ice Drift
  • Iceberg Detection
  • Iceberg Drift
  • Iceberg Historical Trends
  • Met-Ocean

Growing Business in Canada's Arctic