Science & Research

Polar science and research organizations operate vessels involved in a range of activities including resupply of science stations, and planning and conducting exploration and scientific surveys.

Aurora Australis

In the Antarctic, scientific research users are represented by COMNAP, the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programmes (, a group of organisations from 29 Consultative Parties to the Antarctic Treaty that have the responsibility for delivering and supporting scientific research in the Antarctic Treaty Area on behalf of their respective governments. A similar organization in the Arctic (FARO), the Forum of Arctic Research Operators (, which includes 24 operators from 11 countries, facilitates and optimises logistics and operational support for scientific research in the Northern Polar Region.


Polar View provides an integrated information service that helps science and research vessels safely navigate through ice-infested waters in the Polar Regions. We deliver directly to the ship’s bridge information products that can include any combination of the following data layers:

  • Sea Ice Forecasts
  • Sea Ice Types
  • Sea Ice Concentration
  • Sea Ice Thickness
  • Sea Ice Pressure
  • Sea Ice Drift
  • Iceberg Detection
  • Iceberg Drift
  • Iceberg Historical Trends
  • Met-Ocean