The popularity of adventure tourism continues to increase, and every year the Arctic and Antarctic regions receive a significant and growing number of visitors. Operators strive to satisfy the appetite for the polar wilderness experience, leading to more activity in and close to sea ice. As numbers increase, the adventure tourism companies’ area of operation will spread to include new and more remote localities. Safety of navigation and environmental protection are priority goals for these operators.

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Polar View provides an integrated information service that helps tourism operators safely navigate through ice-infested waters in the Polar Regions. We deliver directly to the ship’s bridge information products that can include any combination of the following data layers:

  • Sea Ice Forecasts
  • Sea Ice Types
  • Sea Ice Concentration
  • Sea Ice Thickness
  • Sea Ice Pressure
  • Sea Ice Drift
  • Iceberg Detection
  • Iceberg Drift
  • Iceberg Historical Trends
  • Met-Ocean