Our Services

Polar View offers integrated monitoring and forecasting services in the Polar Regions and parts of mid-latitude regions with significant snow and ice cover using satellite Earth observation data. Covering Europe, Russia, Canada, the North Atlantic and the Antarctic, Polar View’s services provide accurate, real time cost-saving information.


Sea Ice Monitoring

Sea ice can make safe and efficient marine transport a challenge. Polar View’s sea ice monitoring service provides timely sea ice information from satellite observations to shipping, scientific and fishing operators in the Arctic, Baltic Sea and Southern Ocean.


Ice Edge Monitoring

Polar View’s ice-edge monitoring service helps Northern residents navigate safely and efficiently when hunting or travelling. We provide up-to-date information on ice edge location, regions of land-fast ice, moving ice and historical averages of ice cover in different areas of the Arctic.


Snow Monitoring

Snow has a large impact on water resource management, flood forecasting, hydropower production and the daily life of Northern residents. Polar View’s snow services provide the latest information on snow cover and the amount of water stored as snow.


Iceberg Monitoring

Polar View’s iceberg monitoring service ensures safe maritime travel in the Arctic, North Atlantic, and Southern Oceans and facilitates safe drilling operations in the Arctic by providing near real-time detection of icebergs.


River Ice Monitoring

Polar View’s river ice monitoring service delivers information about the location and extent of river ice cover to decision-makers in near real-time. This information is used to assess the level of threat ice-jam floods pose and facilitates early warning and risk mitigation measures.


Lake Ice Monitoring

Polar View’s lake ice monitoring service delivers information about the location and extent of lake ice cover for a variety of purposes. The service also improves transportation safety, as frozen lakes are an important component of northern transportation networks.


Glacier Monitoring

Glaciers services provide operational analysis and assessment of glaciers within the context of water resource management and hydropower generation. We focus on changes in glacial discharge, current mass balance distribution and glacier dynamics and stability.