Iceberg Services

Icebergs can pose a life threatening risk to mariners and offshore operators working in ice-infested waters. Polar View’s iceberg services ensure safe maritime travel in the Arctic, North Atlantic, and Southern Oceans and facilitate safe drilling operations in the Arctic by providing near real-time detection of icebergs and related information.


Iceberg Detection

This iceberg service provides location information about icebergs in latitude/longitude coordinates. In addition to position, the service includes iceberg attribute information such as length, width, area, sigma nought pixel brightness and variance.

Iceberg Drift

This iceberg service provides information on the forecast motion of icebergs using in-situ measured metocean parameters, observed iceberg drift and size data, tidal currents and weather forecasts, with arrows indicating the magnitude and direction of the iceberg trajectories.

Iceberg Historical Trends

This iceberg service provides historical iceberg information from archived data that can yield quantification of length and geographic extent of iceberg seasons (and trends), useful for identifying overall operational risk and defining ice management principles for development in particular areas (e.g. towing, burying of production facilities, provision of platform disconnect capabilities, etc.).