Sea Ice Services

Sea ice can make safe and efficient marine transport a challenge. Polar View’s sea ice services provides timely sea ice information from satellite observations to shipping, scientific, tourism, emergency management, oil and gas, and fishing operators in the Arctic, Baltic Sea and Southern Ocean.

Our sea ice services in action guiding British Antarctic Survey’s logistics vessel RRS Ernest Shackleton through icy waters in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica

Sea Ice Forecasts

This sea ice service provides forecasts of ice motion, concentration, thickness, ridges and deformations for the Polar Regions using numerous multi-category sea ice models. On-demand, high-resolution forecasts for any area in the Arctic are available within as little as one hour (e.g. in case of an emergency).

Sea Ice Types

This sea ice service provides information on the forms of ice found at sea which has originated from the freezing of sea water (e.g. new ice, young ice, first-year ice and old ice). These categories broadly reflect the age of the ice and include different forms and thicknesses of ice at various stages of development.

Sea Ice Concentration

This sea ice service provides information about the area of the water surface covered by ice as a fraction or percentage of the whole ocean area of interest (e.g. <30% sea ice concentration is considered to be navigable by ship and >90% is considered solid ice).

Sea Ice Thickness

This sea ice service provides satellite data-based information on average thickness from sea ice surface to underside of a specified sea ice extent.

Sea Ice Drift

This sea ice service provides information on the motion of sea ice caused by ocean currents and surface winds, with arrows indicating the magnitude and direction of the displacement of sea ice during a 48 hour period.

Sea Ice Pressure

This sea ice service provides sea ice deformation fields derived from ice drift observations (i.e. areas of divergence (openings) and areas of convergence (pressure)) and ice thickness information using satellite data.