Polar View Contributes to Antarctic Sea Ice Challenges Workshop

May 12, 2015

Polar View’s Andrew Fleming offers insight into the logistical challenges facing Antarctic science as sea ice patterns change.

Over 50 Antarctic program managers, sea ice scientists, ice navigators and shipping experts from around the world gathered in Hobart, Australia to discuss changes in Antarctic sea ice extent and address the challenges ahead for operators in the region. Polar View team member Andrew Fleming (Remote Sensing Manger, British Antarctic Survey) was there to contribute his expertise and knowledge on future trends in sea ice formation (including thickness and extent) as well as identify potential solutions for improving forecasting using satellite imagery.

“We need to better understand how sea ice is changing and how it effects our operations. We operate two ships and we are concerned about how we make sure they are operating as safely and efficiently as possible and we need the best information to allow us to do that.”

Click here to listen to the remainder of the radio interview on ABC National, Australia.

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