Benefits of Polar View Services

Relying predominantly on satellite radar and optical imagery, Polar View’s monitoring and analysis services offer remarkable benefits to both business and society in three main areas: sustainable economic development, safety and environmental stewardship.

icefish_sustecon_circSustainable Economic Development
The Arctic is experiencing an explosion of economic activity. In light of this, Polar View aims to balance commercial interests while protecting the fragile ecosystems of the Polar Regions and the values and traditions of indigenous communities in the Arctic by:Providing information to optimize transportation routesProviding key information to resource extraction operationsInvolving indigenous communities
Iceberg33_circSecurity & Risk Mitigation
The harsh environments found in the Polar Regions often make maritime navigation challenging. Polar View’s services mitigate the risk of accidents in these environments by providing easy-to-access information that:Allows vessels to chart safe routes around sea ice and icebergsGuides fishing and hunting expeditions for Northern residentsHelps protect offshore drilling operationsImproves the efficacy of flood warning services
Ursus maritimusEnvironmental Stewardship
The Polar Regions are home to some of the most unique ecosystems on Earth. These ecosystems are coming under increasing pressure from a rapidly changing climate, greater resource extraction and increased ship traffic. Polar View services address environmental concerns by:Monitoring polar freshwater cyclesProviding information that helps to understand and manage animal populations and habitatsIncreasing awareness of the impacts of climate change as well as adaptation and mitigation strategies