Green Transition Information Factory

The ESA Green Transition Information Factory (GTIF) allows users to interactively discover the underlying opportunities and complexities of transitioning to carbon neutrality by 2050 using the power of Earth Observation, cloud-computing and cutting edge analytics. As part of the GTIF Kickstarters, Polar View, in collaboration with EOX, the National Research… Continue reading

Foundation Models for Earth Observation

Polar View is supporting the Norwegian Computing Center in their project for ESA to develop, train, and implement a multi-modal foundation model (FM) and use the FM as the basis for the development and implementation of six different use-cases.  Polar View is providing the iceberg detection use case. Foundation models… Continue reading

OGC Open Science Persistent Demonstrator

Polar TEP has been selected as one of the platforms for the Open Geospatial Consortium’s Open Science Persistent Demonstrator (OSPD) project. OPSD is a long-term inter-agency initiative aiming to enable and communicate reproducible Earth Science across global communities of users and amplify inter-agency Earth Observation mission data, tools, and infrastructures.… Continue reading