Polar View awarded ESA Polaris project

June 12, 2015


The Polaris program will guide the development of the next generation of space infrastructure to support both scientific and operational information needs in the rapidly evolving Polar Regions.

Polar View is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) for the Polaris Project; this study will determine user needs and high-level requirements for the next generation of observing systems for the Polar Regions. From scientists studying climate change impacts to commercial fisheries looking for safe transportation routes through the ice, the study findings will help to develop new space mission concepts for the Polar Regions that will deliver information to address gaps, better meet user needs and help support improved decision making and planning.

Polar View has assembled a world-class team to guide the study and in the words of the Polaris Project Manager, David Arthurs:

“Accelerating change in the Polar Regions presents a challenge for all stakeholders: scientists, industry, and local populations. As a result, the need of these groups is increasing for information that will help them understand and adapt to the changes. The objective of the Polaris program is to respond to the evolving demands for space-based monitoring of the Polar Regions by developing the next generation of space infrastructure, developing novel concepts for integrated information services, and exploring new partnerships with user communities.”

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